Reducing Hospital Readmissions: How Getting Personal With Patient Engagement Can Help

A PatientBond Case Study - As Seen in Telehealth & Medicine Today 


Readmission penalties on hospitals hit a new high in 2016, increasing by a fifthover 2015 numbers to $528 million. Changes in how the rehospitalization rate in calculated influenced the jump in penalties. But that's not the only factor capable of influencing 30-day readmissions:
Patient engagement efforts often fall short, too. 

How can hospitals use patient engagement technology to change patient behavior and reduce readmissions?

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  • How hospitals can use psychographic segmentation to crack the code to encouraging greater patient engagement 
  • Which psychographic segment of healthcare consumers is mostly likely to experience issues related to hospital readmissions
  • How a prestigious New England hospital system experienced just one readmission for a form of spine surgery and reduced nurse FTEs dedicated to patient follow-up by more that 75 percent after using PatientBond to establish a proactive, personalized patient engagement workflow.

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